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What is Noni?

The Miracle Fruit

Noni Fruits and Flowers Morinda Citrifolia

Noni Plant forms fruits before flowering, and the flowering process is along side with plant growing, which is truly a magical plants!

However Noni environment growth requirements are very high as at the event of environment pollution, the plant will wither.

In fact, these unique magical fruits are organically growth wild in the South Pacific Island; Tahitian Noni fruit trees are growth at a man’s height, but unmanned South Pacific Island’s Noni fruit trees are basically grown in lush foliage, and with approximately two storey buildings’ height.

Organic Noni Farm

For as how long as Tahitian people can remember the Noni fruit and the Noni Juice has been a significant part of their lifestyle & has always held a special place in the traditional medicine of Tahiti. Worldwide take-off of the Noni Juice as a powerful remedy. Adopted by the international community goes back to 1995. A numerous studies and research have been conducted around the world that confirm the benefits of this amazing and unique fruit!

What is so special about Noni?

Xeronine Exists in Noni Fruit

Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a noted American biochemist, had a potentially ground-breaking revelation while studying pineapple enzymes. He realized that a certain alkaloid he called Xeronine may play a key role in encouraging proper cell function and growth in the human body. Xeronine is formed in the large intestine, where a chemical reaction occurs between Proxeronine and Proxeronase. Dr. Heinicke realized that these two substances exist in abundance in the Noni fruit.

Xeronine, which is formed in the large intestines, may encourage proper cell function and growth in the human body.

According to Dr. Heinicke’s research, Xeronine may help enlarge the pores in the walls of human cells and enable nutrients to enter the cells more easily. Noni may improve the body’s ability to make use of the nutrients.

While Proxeronine and Proxeronaise are generally regarded as the key effective ingredients in Noni, there are actually dozens of other neutraceuticals (natural properties) found in Noni fruit. Following is a list of some of the better known ones along with their function and how they react with the body.

This information is in no way intended to replace any medical advice or medications or to act as a prescription. It is designed for education purposes only. Noni is a natural fruit which supports the body’s natural functions.

Xeronine is a small alkaloid that is required in picrogram (trillionth of gram) amounts and is essential to the correct functioning of the body. Large amounts are used in times of physical or mental stress. xeronine is produced in the body from proxeronine and the enzyme proxeronase in the small intestine. All healthy cells require xeronine to function correctly.

Xeronine and protein
Xeronine is required to regulate the shape and rigidity of certain proteins. Noni juice, the richest source of this nutrient, appears to improve the function and structure of hormones, antibodies, connective tissue, enzymes and neurotransmitters.

Conditions directly involved with proteins may include PMT, menopausal symptoms, acne, arthritis, lupus, sleeplessness, depression, digestive disorders, poor liver metabolism as well as poor immune function.

Xeronine and burns
Xeronine stimulates the production of a specific protease (an enzyme which dissolves protein) and quickly removes dead tissue from burns and promotes quick healing.

Xeronine and addiction
Other proteins in the central nervous system become potential receptor sites and bind with endorphins that allow the individual to have the normal feeling of well-being. Once xeronine floods the body’s systems then the xeronine displaces the chemicals and addictions to these other alkaloids is overcome with no physical withdrawal symptoms.

Xeronine and nutritional supplements and medications
Vitamins also require xeronine to properly function within the body. It allows the formation of pores through membranes in blood vessels, body organs and in the gastrointestinal tract. This facilitates digestion and improves the action of other medicines and herbs.

As a Food Supplement

Noni Can Be Used for

  • Cancer
  • Insomnia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Alzheimer
  • Rheumatism
  • Stress
  • Low Libido
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Cardiac Diseases
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Bowel Disorder

Noni Research & Study

Proven By Doctors & Scientists

Dr. Ralph Heinicke
Dr. Ralph Heinicke

Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a leading medical biochemist in US, made a critical discovery while studying enzymes.

An alkaloid he later named Xeronine was found to be essential for proper cell function in the body to sustained health.

He found that the NONI fruit has the most abundant and reliable source of Proxeronine and Proxeronase, which are the precursor to Xeronine and its catalyst. He has done more than 45 years of research & development on Noni fruit.

Dr. Neil Solomon
Dr. Neil Solomon

Dr. Neil Solomon, is a world renowned research expert in the fields of Medicine, Nutrition, Obesity and Smoking cessation. He held several faculty appointments and Professorships at some of the most Prestigious Universities in America including the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

His research, “Has shown that noni, the “miracle” tropical plant, can stimulate the body to produce more Nitric Oxide, thereby preventing and helping to control various disorders’ – from his book THE NONI PHENOMENON.

Now research has shown that Noni, the “Miracle” tropical plant, can stimulate the body to produce more Nitric Oxide, thereby preventing and helping to control various disorders.


Noni Research & Study

Noni Effectiveness

Noni Effectiveness by Dr. Neil Solomon

Research & Publications

Published Books

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Noni Testimonials

The testimonials in this site are provided by real people just like you, sharing their Noni experience! They are useful as a reference only, and should not replace a doctor.

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Scientifically Proven Facts About Our Product

In laboratory research, noni has shown antioxidant, immune-stimulating, and tumor-fighting properties.

Today, the principal part of the noni plant used for health purposes is the ripe fruit, which is used as a dietary supplement for various chronic diseases, including cancer.

  • Results After First Use

    Everyone is different in terms of age, size, and health status. Some people will notice a difference immediately. Others will take longer to experience the benefits. In our experience most people will notice some effects within the first month.

  • Fun Facts About Product

    Noni are known for their bad taste and smell. Similar to gingko trees, the smell is horrible and can be smelled from a distance away. Some people have said it tastes and smells like body odor.

  • Suggested Daily Use

    Take 3-6 Spray. 2-3 Times Daily.

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